General Information


We are open for drop off and pick up between:

8:30 - 10.30am and 3:30 - 5:30pm  7 days

We are available for phone calls and emails from 8.30am-5.30pm 7 days .Please contact us if you need to check in or out outside of these hours, we are happy to work with you and your travel plans .

Check In

To ensure your check in is smooth and stress free we will ask for pre- payment and to have all information regarding vaccinations , medication and any special instructions prior to your arrival .This is part of our booking process and helps us prepare for your pet's stay .

Key Features

  • Our building is insulated. This reduces noise, which reduces stress.

  • Our dog yards have colourbond fencing - dogs can't see each other or disturb each other.

  • Cats have full floor to ceiling height suites with windows, shelves and toys for stimulation.

  • We have slab heating and air conditioning throughout the entire building.

  • Our suites are very spacious for both dogs and cats. Dogs have indoor/outdoor space plus a private run.

  • Our entry doors to the dog suites are staggered -they do not face onto the opposite suite, again to reduce stress.

  • There is a TV in every dog suite to create familiar noise.

  • All beds are made from quality memory foam.

  • Fire hoses, smoke alarms, sprinklers, and security cameras are installed.

  • Water is distributed fresh via automatic filled dishes.

  • There are 2 kitchens both appointed with dishwashers and washing machines.

  • A whoopsy away system is used for hygienic disposal of waste

  • We use premium kennel cleaning products

  • We feed premium, Australian made, hypoallergenic feed plus fresh meat.





Our rates are consistent year round and we offer one price regardless of the size of your pet. Our rates include premium food, treats ,bedding and playtime .

Dog Suites

Single Room (= 1 dog in the suite): $65 per day
Twin Share (= 2 dogs from the same family): $115 per day
Triple Share (= 3 dogs from the same family): $155 per day
Quad Share (= 4 dogs from the same family): $155 per day

Please note: There is a minimum five night stay over the Christmas period. Last check-in date available is 23 December, check out from 27 December.This is to reduce disruption to our guest .With such a large number of pets around this time it can be quite disruptive on a daily basis to move a lot of pets in and out .We have learnt this from 2017 Christmas!

Cat Suites

Single Suite: $45 per day
Twin Share (= 2 cats from the same family): $80 per day

*Kiaora Park Pet Care does have the capacity to accommodate larger numbers in interconnecting suites. Please contact us for more information.



All animals at Kiaora Park Pet Care must be vaccinated. Cats must have completed the F3 vaccination course
(cat flu and feline enteritis), however F4 is preferable. Dogs must have the complete C5 vaccine or the 5-in-1 (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, para-influenza and Bordetella). Vaccination certificates must be provided to us. All cats and dogs must have current flea treatment or be wearing a flea collar.

Pet Grooming

We are very excited to have our grooming salon fully offering a full range

of grooming services for in house and external guests.