We offer premium cat boarding facilities at Kiaora Park Pet Care. Our cat suites are multi-storey units each with:

  • scratching pole
  • cosy bedding beds
  • hidey holes and toys for stimulation
  • individual window and window shelf/ledge
  • morning and night feed with all day access to dry food .

Each of our 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.3m high suites look out onto an indoor atrium and also have outside views.

Daily care and playtime

We know that it’s important for your pet to have their own familiar smell during their stay with us, and for this reason we offer a basic daily clean. Each suite is sanitised completely between guests.

We have a lovely atrium area , so once our cats are settled we offer free time in the atrium for cats to explore .This is not a group play time, it is individual time or cats from the same family will have access together offered daily on a rotational basis .


All animals at Kiaora Park Pet Care must be vaccinated. Cats must have completed the F3 vaccination course (cat flu and feline enteritis) as a minimum.




Our rates are consistent year round and we offer one price regardless of the size of your pet. Our rates include premium food, treats ,toys,bedding and free play time .

Cat Suites

Single Suite: $45 per day
Twin Share (= 2 cats from the same family): $80 per day

*We do have 1 x larger family suite and interconnecting suites for same family cats . All the same price as above .


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