Frequently Asked Questions

What type of food will my pet receive and when will they be fed?

We are proud to use IVORY COAT products for our dog and cat guests. Ivory Coat is a premium Australian sourced, grain free product offering your pet balanced nutrition. All pets are fed morning and night, along with unlimited  Ivory Coat  treats. We offer dry food topped with fresh beef mince or tuna for breakfast and dinner and will adjust portions to suit your pet. 

FUSSY EATER ?:We also have a myriad of commercial food and are very happy to feed whatever it takes to keep your pet happy during their stay !

What time can I drop off/pick up my pet?

We are open for drop off and pick up between 8.30 -10.30am and 3:30-5.30pm 7 days a week (exception being Christmas Eve and Christmas Day )

Please contact us if you require drop off or pick up outside of these times to see if we can accommodate, we are happy to work with you and your travel plans.

What do I need to bring?

All our suites are fitted out with bedding but you are welcome to bring your pet's blanket , bed, crate etc. Please also  bring your pet’s favourite toy and/or anything you think may helps them settle .

Can you administer medication?

Yes we are happy to administer basic medication.Please bring your medication labelled with clear instructions .

What if my pet is not eating?

We will let you know how you pet is settling .It is not uncommon for some pets to go off their food temporarily ..we will adjust our feed and usually talk to you about what we do to entice them into eating .Generally within 24-48 hours we have them eating again )and sometimes it takes BBQ chicken !

What if my pet is sick?

We will be in contact with you as soon as possible and if we cannot reach you we will call your vet and your emergency contact to decide quickly the best course of action . In the event of an after-hours emergency we use Canberra Veterinary Emergency Service.

What if my plans change?

We understand that sometimes plans may change. You are able to change the dates of your booking at no cost, subject to availability. We require 24 hour notice. All bookings for change of plans  are non-refundable; however we are happy to hold your payment in credit for future use. 

What vaccinations are required?

All animals at Kiaora Park Pet Care must be vaccinated. Cats must have completed the F3 vaccination course (cat flu and feline enteritis), however F4 is preferable. Dogs must have the complete C5 vaccine or the 5-in-1 (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, para-influenza and Bordetella). Vaccination certificates must be provided on arrival. All cats and dogs must have current flea treatment or be wearing a flea collar.

Unfortunately if you don’t provide a vaccination certificate on arrival we will be unable to accept your pet for boarding.

Does my dog have access to indoor and outdoor areas at all times?

All dogs will have the freedom to choose indoor or outdoor living at all times. Depending on occupancy we will get your dog out for as much playtime as possible in our lovely big play yard. This is on a rotational basis as we don't mix dogs from different families and there is no extra fee for this.

Will you take my pet if they have behavioural issues?

Please contact us before making a booking to discuss this ..we have had some sensitive and anxious pets stay with us and with lots of attention and time we have had them settle in very happily ! Unfortunately we cannot take hostile or aggressive pets . Please also consider the suitability of our environment for your pet .Your pet needs to be used to an indoor environment (ie not be destructive in an indoor environment as our rooms as much like a bedroom at home ).

You keep dogs and cats together, won’t that upset my pet?

Our dog and cat suites are separate from each other. There is absolutely no contact between the dogs and cats.

Will my pet be mixed with other pets?

No, only pets belonging to the same owner will be housed together and have play time together.

How often will my pet have contact with a person?

We will see your pets for breakfast, treat time at lunchtime and dinner time and as much play or contact as possible in between. We know all pets need cuddles as well as play time so will always take the time to give them as much attention as possible.Playtime may be ball throwing for the more active or hugs for the littlies.

We have “quiet time” daily from 12-2pm to give our pets some down time and our team time to recharge .