Dog SUITES & grooming

With 24 modern dog suites at Kiaora Park Pet Care your dog will be right at home. Our grooming salon is now offering a full range of services to have your

pup jooshed up before hime time !

All suites offer:

  • indoor room

  • heated floor

  • air conditioning

  • covered outdoor area PLUS an individual 6m run

  • automatic water troughs

  • cosy bedding and fleece blanket

  • TV for company

  • morning and night feed

All suites can accommodate up to four dogs, dependent on size. Access to the outdoor area is via a full-length door or doggy door. Each suite is 3m x 3m and back on to a full size 9m x 3m yard of which 3m is undercover for outdoor play even in wet weather. This is available to all dog guests.


We know that it’s important for your pet to have their own familiar smell during their stay with us, and for this reason we offer a basic daily clean. Each suite is sanitised completely between guests.

Just as importantly, we offer 2 x daily complimentary play time sessions for all dogs . This is private 1 on 1 time to play ball, sniff around, have a cuddle or whatever suits your pet . We offer as much contact with your pet as possible, this often may be while cleaning or doing maintenance etc.

For long term guests we can offer farm walks -please contact us to discuss.

Please note: We do not mix dogs for play time or offer share accommodation for pets who do not belong to the same family. This can cause undue stress and anxiety(for pets and owners ), and jeopordises  the wellbeing and safety of all dogs. We will happily put guests from the same family out to play together.


Dogs must have the complete C5 vaccine or the 5-in-1 (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, para-influenza and Bordetella). Vaccination certificates can be emailed or messaged for us to keep on file .





Our rates are consistent year round and we offer one price regardless of the size of your pet. Our rates include premium food, treats , bedding and playtime .There are no hidden extra's.

Dog Suites

Single Room (= 1 dog in the suite): $65 per day
Twin Share (= 2 dogs from the same family): $115 per day
Triple Share (= 3 dogs from the same family): $155 per day
Quad Share (= 4 dogs from the same family): $155 per day

*please note we do not offer a share option for dogs from different families


Dog Suite 3 outside to in_small.jpg